leaky pipes alpharetta

Leaky water pipes can cause a lot of problems in a home, mainly water damage. It can also increase your water bill if left unchecked. Before you need a sewer pipe replacement in Alpharetta, or any other type of pipe maintenance, it can help to find the leaks yourself, or as close as you can come. Even finding an approximate location can help your plumber.


Sewer leak detection in Alpharetta is easier if it leaves obvious signs like foul odors. You shouldn’t ever smell sewage in your home, and if you do, that most likely means that there is a crack somewhere in the pipes and that sewage is leaking out.


Various pests are often attracted to dampness and sewage. It is not the only cause of infestations, but if you find a lot of insects or rats in your home, especially in conjunction with other signs, that could mean that you have a leaking pipe.

Building Damage

Sewer pipe damage can leave several visible signs of damage in your home. You might have mold patches, foundation cracks, foundation settlement, or sinkholes. Any of these could be signs that a pipe cracked and you need sewer leak repair in Alpharetta.

Water Speed

You might find that it takes longer than usual to flush your toilet or for the water tank to fill up afterwards. This could be a sign that there is a clog somewhere in the pipes. It might just mean that you need to remove an obstruction or there may be a leak that you need to have fixed.


One of the most obvious indications that you need sewer pipe replacement in Alpharetta is to find water where there shouldn’t be any. If you find dripping water, water stains, damp patches anywhere around your sewer lines, or extra green patches of grass, this could be a sign that one of your pipes is leaking.