Whether you have a new home or an older property, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself dealing with a plumbing issue now and then. Many of these are bathroom plumbing problems. Learn more about your bathroom plumbing in Woodstock, GA, and when it’s time to call for professional plumbing services.

Slow Drains

It’s not unusual for sinks, shower drains, and bathtubs to be affected by slow-moving drains. After all, there’s probably years of accumulated debris inside the pipes from years of usage. Even newer properties experience slow drains because it doesn’t take a lot of hair, soap scum, and other matter to coat the insides of your pipes. If you’re dealing with this plumbing issue, don’t panic. Try using a hand auger to clear clogs or use your fingers to remove surface debris manually. When these tips don’t work, call a plumbing company in Woodstock, GA, for drain cleaning services.

Low Water Pressure

Are you experiencing low water pressure in a bathroom fixture? If the pressure issue is only affecting a faucet or showerhead, then you know that it’s not a problem like a main water line leak or a hot water issue (when low pressure affects hot water only). Instead, the culprit is probably a dirty faucet aerator. The good news is this is a simple DIY fix that requires cleaning the debris or mineral deposits from the aerator.

Leaky Faucet

It’s not a good idea to ignore or learn to live with a leaky sink or bathtub faucet. Doing so wastes water and it could also cause additional plumbing problems. Instead, it’s best to figure out what’s causing the leak and get it fixed promptly. Plumbers in Woodstock check the leak to determine if it’s a broken valve, a high water pressure problem, or if the fixture is old and needs replacing. Most of the time the cost to repair a leaky faucet is minimal and saves you money by reducing water waste.


Noisy Pipes

Do the pipes knock in the walls when you take a shower, turn on the bath, or wash your hands? If so, these noises signal a bigger problem. One of the reasons for knocking pipes is unusually high water pressure. When the pressure builds in the pipes, this can cause them to shift, bend, or move in a direction that’s not normal. Allowing this to continue for any length of time causes disjointing and water leaks. Another reason for noisy pipes is water hammer. This happens when water in the pipes is forced in the opposite direction too quickly. The only way to know for sure what’s happening in your pipes is to call for plumbing repair in Woodstock, GA, and let a professional investigate the situation.

Are you experiencing any of the problems mentioned in this post? If so, it’s in your best interest to call for plumbing services in Woodstock, GA, right away. Bathroom plumbing problems are cheaper to repair when they’re addressed quickly. Without intervention, slow drains turn into clogged sinks and backed-up toilets and noisy pipes burst and cause water damage. Get ahead of these problems and save yourself the aggravation and expense of a major plumbing repair. To schedule a service call with a licensed plumber near you, contact Plumb Doctor™ LLC today!