Whether you’re trying to sell your home or you just want a fresh look, updating your bathroom is an easy way to add value and beauty. With a new coat of paint and the best plumbers in Alpharetta, you can create the perfect space for relaxing after a long day. Here are just a few remodeling ideas from the professionals at Plumb Doctor™, LLC.

Plumbing and Electrical

Before you start picking out paint colors, consider your internal plumbing and electrical layout. If you have an older home, now would be a good time to upgrade your plumbing fixtures and avoid any future ruptures. Call in your local plumbing professionals for an inspection of your home’s plumbing. Tell your plumber about your plans for your bathroom and ask them for suggestions on how to make your remodel a success. For your safety, you should also consult an electrician if you plan on moving or adding any new light fixtures or outlets. A recent trend in the home design industry is the hair dryer drawer where an electrician installs an outlet inside one of your vanity drawers. This adaptation allows you to store your hair dryer, razor, and those pesky power cords out of sight. Factor the work into your budget by getting an estimate in writing before you begin your remodeling project.

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Fixtures and Vanities

Another way you can add value to your home is by simply upgrading your bathroom vanities and fixtures. If you have laminate countertops, consider updating with white Carrara marble or galaxy black granite, two of the most popular stones in the industry right now. Pair natural stone with a raised sink for an elegant look. For faucets, bronze and brushed nickel have made a comeback this year as homeowners have moved away from futuristic chrome in favor of a softer look. As far as cabinets and storage, standalone vanities trump built-in wall cabinets again this year. Pull off this look by giving a second life to an antique dresser, refitting it with a bathroom sink, new plumbing, and stone countertop.

Tile and Paint

Probably the easiest way to add style and charm to your bathroom is with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring. For homeowners who love wood, tile manufacturers are now making tile planks that look like wood. Finally, you can get the warm look of your favorite wood in the bathroom without worrying about humidity and moisture. For bathroom paint, the black and white trend is back, but for those of looking for a neutral palette to work with, consider soft grey or stormy blue. These colors create a simple backdrop for you to add character through accessories and fixtures.

For help planning your bathroom remodel, only the best plumbers in Alpharetta will do.