Summer is a great time for your family to spend more time together and enjoy fun in the sun. Many people enjoy frequent gatherings and participate in activities that can only be done during the summer. A plumbing issue can quickly put a damper on these gatherings, so it’s important to know what plumbing problems commonly occur during the summer and how a plumbing company in Kennesaw, GA, can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Clogged Drains

 One of the most common summer activities is swimming, which means most people are doing a lot more bathing and showering to wash the chlorine or sand out of their hair. This additional bathing can create shower drain clogs more often with the additional sand, dirt, and other debris that’s being washed away. The best way to avoid this problem is to brush hair before showering and avoid rinsing out sandy swimsuits in the shower. It’s also smart to use a drain cover to keep hair from going down the drain.

Sewer Backups

 A backed up sewer can happen because of hair and other debris going down the drain and eventually causing a blockage in the sewage line. However, rain can cause issues as well, especially if there’s already some damage to your sewer line. A rainy spell can allow rainwater and soil to seep into a damaged pipe and cause a blockage. Tree roots can also grow into the sewer line and either block off the pipe or make it easier for clogs to form. If you’re having recurring sewer blockages, you should have plumbers do a video inspection of your line to diagnose the problem.

Garbage Disposal Obstructions

 Many people consume more fresh fruits and vegetables when local produce comes into season, which can sometimes cause a plumbing problem because of the garbage disposal. Peels and pits from fruits and vegetables should be thrown away rather than placed in the garbage disposal to avoid an obstruction and to prevent damage to the blades. In addition, greasy waste from barbeques should be thrown away since they’ll harden when rinsed down the disposal and eventually cause a clog.

Backed Up Toilet

 Whether you have children home from school for the summer or frequently have guests, your toilet might have issues as a result of the additional traffic. Make sure you’re using toilet paper that dissolves easily to help avoid toilet backups during the summer.

Basement Flooding

 Basement flooding isn’t a problem unique to the summer, but when there are rainstorms, it’s important to make sure the sump pump is working so that you don’t have to deal with a flooded basement. You should have your pump regularly inspected by plumbers and install a battery backup for the pump so that water can be pumped out during a downpour.

Overloaded Washing Machines

 Another potential plumbing problem you may experience during the summer is issues with your washing machine due to overloading. Laundry loads tend to increase during the summer because clothes get wet, dirty, and sweaty. It can be tempting to throw as many clothes as possible into the washing machine, but overloading it will lead to blockages or overflowing. You’re better off washing clothes more frequently with smaller loads rather than doing one large load. If your washing machine is overflowing, be sure to get help from emergency plumbing in Kennesaw, GA. Plumb Doctor LLC can help with any plumbing issue you face this summer, so call them today!