When you have a slow drain in your home, you might just think of it as an inconvenience. It’s easy to overlook if you’re able to get it to drain a little more quickly, so you might not think it’s important to contact a plumbing company in Kennesaw, GA, for help. However, ignoring a drain problem and failing to regularly clean and take care of your drain can have far-reaching consequences, so it’s important to get the root of the problem fixed properly. Here’s what you need to know.

What Slow Drains Might Mean 

One of the biggest concerns with having one or more slow or clogged drains in your home is that it’s likely not just a consequence of what’s in the pipes near the tub or sink. All the drains in your home feed into the house drain, which is the main horizontal pipe underneath your house that takes all the waste to the sewer system. While it’s true that some clogged drains might be a result of hair, soap buildup, or other blockages that are close to the sink or tub, that problem is often a result of a larger problem with the main house drain itself. If you’re consistently having drainage problems, you need to contact a plumber about cleaning and inspecting your drain to help avoid additional problems or identify existing issues. Having your drain regularly cleaned by a professional has numerous benefits.

Less Odor

One noticeable side effect of a blocked drain is a very unpleasant odor. This odor results not only from waste that can’t be flushed entirely away but from the bacteria that will inevitably start to feed on the leftover waste in the drain. A slow or blocked drain will cause a sewer-like smell that’s difficult to ignore. It’s important to identify the cause of a slow drained and to get it taken care of as soon as possible so that you can get rid of that foul odor.

Fewer Blockages 

Many homeowners attempt to use consumer drain cleaners to get their drains working more quickly, but there are some problems with this. Some of these products can actually damage the pipes, and they don’t necessarily ensure you won’t have future blockages either. If you have recurring or stubborn blockages, you need to get professional assistance so that the blockage will be completely removed and help prevent backups from happening frequently. These blockages can be dangerous because they can cause backups into your home, which is dangerous for your health and can result in costly repairs from the damage it can cause.

Avoid Expensive Repairs 

A plumber will generally use video inspection to check out your drain when the cleaning is done. This is important because it checks for any signs of leaks or rust that could be a problem in the future and result in expensive repairs. Catching problems in earlier stages can often help you prevent a more costly repair in the future.

Identify Problems 

When you contact a plumber to fix a clogged drain in Kennesaw, GA, the plumber will be able to identify the main cause of your drain issues. This is important because if you have a problem like a dip in the line or encroaching tree roots, the clogged drain is likely to recur, so the plumber can give recommendations for addressing the problem so that you’re not constantly dealing with drain problems. To schedule your inspection, contact Plumb Doctor LLC today.